Today’s Title Is… There’s Sick…and Then There’s Sick

Today’s Title Is… There’s Sick…and Then There’s Sick

When I was a teacher, I was rarely out for two reasons. First, I was hardly ever sick anyway, and I thought my responsibility was to be in school with my students even when I didn’t feel so great. Second, it was really more work being out. You had to get a substitute, hopefully someone you could rely on. Then, you had to write plans which spelled out in detail things which you already knew as the teacher, and make sure they got to the person. Even when you thought everything was set, unexpected things happened, usually small stuff, although one day, one of my kids ate a sock just to see what the sub would do. She left me a blunt note saying she’d never be back.

These days, I’m a retired teacher and full time author and writer who works from home. That means that if I’m sick, even a little, I can sit around and watch tv all day or stay in bed if I want to. Since I don’t “punch a clock” anymore, and can do as I please with no real deadlines or obligations, being sick just isn’t the same. I may feel lousy, but I don’t have to worry about going to work and I haven’t written sub plans for years.

For those of you who still go to work even when you’re sick- well, I’m sorry.






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