About Me

About Me

Professional athlete competing in baseball, football, tennis or basketball, private detective (remember “Mannix” back in the 60’s?), actor, veterinarian, etc.- I imagined myself following many career paths over the years.

In truth, I was a teacher or principal for thirty years before beginning my “second career” as an author and writer. In addition to working on an updated version of my book, “Classroom Tales and Lessons Learned”, I write about current events from a neutral perspective in “Today’s Title Is…” and I write letters to those who’ve affected my life in some way in “Dear Andy”, named after Andy Griffith. Most important to me is that you contribute to something I’ve written, either with a question, comment, or sharing a related story of your own. I’d appreciate it.

As to my personal life, I’ve been married for thirty-five years to my wife, Eileen, who many have described as a saint for putting up with me for so long. We have three wonderful kids, now adults, and divide our time between Maine and upstate New York.

If you have a moment or two, let me know how things are going.